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Commercial Diver Services for U.S. Military and Government Needs Civil Government
Commercial Diver Services, a Central Contractor Registration member invites you to CONTACT US regarding your bid or order for commercial diver services. Commercial Diver Services has bid and filled many contracts for our clients in federal, local or state government or in the military services.

Commercial Diver Services provides many services to federal, local government and military services such as:
  • Marine Surveys
  • Underwater Video
  • Bridge Inspection and Surveys
  • Underwater Maintenance
  • Underwater Welding
  • Dock and Pipe Inspection and Repairs
  • Outfall Inspection and Repairs
  • Ship Hull Cleaning
  • Ship Propeller Changes
  • Ship Hull Inspection
  • Ship Propeller Polishing
  • Ship Annual Inspections and NDT Testing
  • Oversight of Repairs
  • Insurance Consultation
  • All Other Underwater Diving Services
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Commercial Diver Services is standing by to render any and all assistance needed world wide. CONTACT US today for consultation and quick action for professional results.


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