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Commercial Diver Services is a fully equipped marine salvage company for both commercial offshore marine and yacht salvage operations. Commercial Diver Services provides full services of marine salvage, temporary securing of vessels, towing and refurbishment of damaged or sunk vessels.

At right, Commercial Diver Services salvagea an abandoned Feadship Yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida..

Commercial Diver Services recently aquired five 77,000 Lb. lift bags capable of raising a 200 ton sunken vessel, one of the few companies in North America to have such equipment.

See the video below of the successful raising of the Feadship yacht salvaging.

See below images from the successful Feadship motor yacht salvage in Fort Lauderdale. Click any image for a larger image.

77,000 Lb. Lift Bag for Marine Salvage
Commercail Diver Salvage Lift Bags

Commercial Diver Services is standing by to render any and all marine salvage assistance needed world wide. CONTACT US today for consultation and quick action for professional results.

Below Commercial Diver Services cuts through struts of an offshore oil platform for salvage purposes.


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