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CDS Hiring Divers

Commercial Diver Services Is Hiring
Commercial Diver Services is HIRING!
CDS is seeking experienced divers and shop crew.
CDS has many new projects under contract
and is offering immediate work.
Get a Dive Job NOW!
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Commercial Diver Services in Rockport, TX & Fort Lauderdale, FL to Assist for Hurricane Damage
Commercial Diver Services in Rockport, TX to Assist for Hurricane Harvey

Commercial Diver Services is onsite at Rockport, Texas to assist for Hurricane Harvey and in Fort Lauderdale to assist for Hurricane Irma. CDS has all their equipment and personnel for assisting with storm relief and storm related damage and salvage. Commercial Diver Services is a full service commercial diving company. Please see images from Texas Hurricane Assistance on the CDS Gallery page.

Capabilities on location in Rockport, Texas and Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

1.) Full underwater video and still photos with audio and WIFI (can live stream anywhere in the world).

2.) Lift bags.

3.) Pumps.

4.) Hydraulic cutting equipment: underwater chainsaws for wood and underwater ring saws for concrete and steel.

5.) Self contained: water, food, sleeping quarters and generators.

6.) Satellite communications.

7.) 4 full commercial diving spreads.

8.) Registered with Army Corp of Engineers.

9.) Full licensed and insured.

Contact Us today for insurance or private assistance for hurricane related issues.

Commercial Diver Services & Haiti Government Salvage Project

October, 2011- The Haiti Project, a government contract between Commercial Diver Services and the government of Haiti, is officially underway.

Commercial Diver Services will be salvaging 96 sunken or capsized vessels in and around the coast of Haiti, a project that will extend over the course of two or more years. CDS has taken delivery of their newest equipment, a 106’ crew boat “Hannah B” and the spud barge “Jeep” among other salvage equipment in Louisiana.

The “Hannah B”, a Commercial Diver Services supply and crew boat, can sustain up to 21 crew members for months at a time and is capable of traveling throughout the Caribbean and worldwide. The ”Jeep” is a self-propelled work spud barge where the CDS crew will be pulling vessels from the depths and cutting the ships for scrap.

The equipment is currently making its way from Louisiana directly to Port-au-Prince, Haiti and will be in place to begin salvage operations by the second week in November.

Commercial Diver Services also has a reality TV in the works, documenting the exciting jobs CDS encounters in the marine salvage and diving industry.

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The Haiti Project

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Commercial Diver Services Salvages Abandoned Yacht

Luxury yacht sinks into Fort Lauderdale waterway, to become scrap metal

By Ihosvani Rodriguez, Sun Sentinel
5:32 p.m. EDT, August 5, 2011

What goes down must also come up — even if it's a 100-ton yacht.

Such was the hefty task of a group of salvage workers who spent most of Friday trying to right and raise a 90-foot vessel that sank last week and is partially blocking a Fort Lauderdale canal.

The once luxurious but now ownerless Dutch-built Feadship yacht listed to starboard, pulled away from its moorings and settled into the waterway that links the New River with the Dania Cutoff Canal.

The 90-foot craft, launched in 1963, had been docked at the Art Marine boatyard off State Road 84 for more than 10 years. It was abandoned several years ago as the economy began to sour, yard manager Bob Miller said.

"There was someone overseeing it for a while, and then they just let it go," he said. The seldom-used waterway is still navigable, but barges have been having trouble making their way through, Miller said.

Geno Gargiulo, owner of Commercial Diver Services, said he isn't surprised someone would just walk away from what he labeled "The Mercedes-Benz of Yachts." "Refurbishing this would cost more than buying a new one," he said. "It's all now just worthless. It's only scrap metal."

That's exactly what Gargiulo plans to do. His eight-person crew has offered to raise the rusted-out, steel-hulled boat for free, then tow it to their yard and sell it for scrap. A reality television crew was on the scene Friday with Gargiulo's team in hopes of putting together a pilot.

Learn more about Commercial Diver Services Salvage Services on the Marine Salvage Services Page.

Commercial Diver Services Official Dive Team
Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Oct. 27-31, 2011

Commercial Diver Services is once again for the third year running the official Dive Service for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Oct. 27-31, 2011.

Commercial Diver Services is availble for all dive work including slip guidance, underwater maintenance, item retrieval and other dive services before, during and after the Boat Show. The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show will be at three in-the-water locations and Commercial Diver Services will be available for all three listed on the right.

Contact Us for more information and an appointment to make your Fort Lauderdale Boat Show a great Boat Show!
Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

  • Bahia Mar Yachting Center - Hall of Fame Marina - Las Olas Marina
  • Fort Lauderdale Hilton Marina
  • The Sails Marina

Commercial Diver Services Awarded CBE Certification by Broward County

Commercial Diver Services is the only dive company in Broward County, Florida to be awarded County Business Enterprise (CBE) certification for dive work under contract from Broward County.

Commercial Diver Services is very pleased to be a part of the County Business Enterprise and invites all Broward County departments to Contact Us for bids.
Broward County, Florida

Commercial Diver Services Signs Exclusive Agreement to DDI International

DDI International

Commercial Diver Services has signed an exclusive agreement with DDI International, Inc. for dive services. Commercial Diver Services will be the only dive services used world wide for all diving including saturation diving. Services include repairs to oil platforms and pipelines, inland bridges and dams as well as salvage.
DDI and Commmercial Diver Serices


Commercial Diver Services Sends Dive Team to Japan for Relief Effort

Commercial Diver Services sent a team to Japan to aid in the Tsunami relief efforts and assist in any way Commercial Diver Services can for the nuclear disaster. Commercial Diver Services is nuclear qualified and hopes to do their part to alleviate the suffering of the Japanese people where possible.

On the Scene Update

Just had ANOTHER quake here! I was in the tub and the water started to move and then slosh out of the tub! Several ambulances have just passed my room.

The Japanese are very private about this disaster, they are very good at what they are doing. The inner cooling towers are too hot to dive work there.

We have volunteered for "Sub-Aquatic Body Recovery", people were washed out to sea in their cars, buses and homes and trapped. As soon as the nuclear situation settles, they will search for victims. Over 8,700 people are still missing and the coastal villages are wiped clean from the is just empty beach...amazing!

We will also participate in the underwater inspections of bridges and seawalls and such, plus identification and removal of underwater obstructions.
Japan Relief Efforts


Commercial Diver Services Signs Teaming Agreement
with Bergeron Emergency Services

Commercial Diver Services has signed a teaming agreement with Bergeron Emergency Services as partners with them for dive services in their hurricane relief efforts. Commercial Diver Services will be "First Responders" after a hurricane makes land fall almost anywhere in the world.

Currently Commercial Diver Services has the salvage rights to 71 vessels as the result of the recent earthquake there.
Bergeron Emerngency Services

Bergeron and CDS in Haiti


Commercial Diver Services Purchases All Assets
of Underwater Services of Miami

Commercial Diver Services has purchased all assets of Under Water Services, Inc. out of Miami, Florida, the oldest commercial diving company in South Florida. From company owner Geno Gargiulo "Commercial Diver Services has moved up to acquire more equipment and bring better service to our client base. With the expansion of personnel and equipment we are ready for all diving challenges."

Commercial Diver Services At
The 2011 Palm Beach International Boat Show


Commercial Diver Services is pleased to announce that Commercial Diver Services was the Diving Service ON SITE for the 2011 Palm Beach International Boat Show. Our complete services on site were available 24/7 starting March 18th through March 29th, 2011.

Contact us via phone at 954-990-4759 for complete dive service before, during and after the Palm Beach Boat Show.

Palm Beach Boat Show


Commercial Diver Services Selected to be the Official Diving Service
of the 2011 Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show


Miami Boat Show

Commercial Diver Services is proud to announce that this company was chosen to be the Official Diving Service ON SITE for the 2011 Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show. Our complete services on site were available 24/7 starting February 10th through February 22nd, 2011.

Contact us via phone at 954-990-4759 for complete dive service before, during and after the Boat Show. Please see the printable flyer below for more information.

Click for PDF Miami Yacht & Brokerage Boat Show Flyer


Diver Rescues Ring and Relationship at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Diver Rescues Ring Although the Ft. Lauderdale boat show takes place in the water, it can be the last place some things belong.

A man was showing a friend the new gift he recently bought for his girlfriend -- a six-carat ruby solitaire -- when he dropped it on H dock at the north side of Bahia Mar.

It bounced a few times as people scrambled to stop it, but it fell into the dark water with a plink.

The ring, with diamond baguettes on the sides, is valued at about $200,000, so Show Management, after trying to retrieve it, called Commercial Diver Services.

Diver Cody Bitner recovered it in about 12 feet of water nestled into several feet of silt. Commercial Diver owner Geno Gargiulo didn’t charge the man for his services.

From The Triton, November 2010
Dorie Cox
Associate Editor

Commercial Diver Services Selected to be the Official Diving Service
of the 2010 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2010


Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Commercial Diver Services is proud to announce that this company has been chosen to be the Official Diving Service ON SITE for the 2010 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Our complete services on site are available 24/7 starting October 21st through November 3rd.

Contact us via phone at 954-990-4759 for complete dive service before, during and after the Boat Show. Please see the printable flyer below for more information.

Click for PDF Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Flyer


Dockwalk News

A Captain’s Guide to Underwater Repairs

by Richard Boggs
Commercial Diver Services on Dockwalk

Today’s technology for class-approved underwater repairs offers more options for captains.

Geno Gargiulo, owner of Fort Lauderdale based Commercial Diver Services, is trained, equipped, certified and experienced in the techniques needed to avoid a salvage claim in the sub-arctic but keeps very busy in local waters. "About ninety percent of my work is propeller changes," says Gargiulo. "We also do a lot of propeller polishing and zinc replacement, but we offer certified ultrasonic thickness guaging and magnetic particle inspection."

Working so close to many of the world's beast maintenance facilities means that there aren't many calls for hull plating repairs or other work normally performed on the hard, but Gargiulo's crew of commerically trained and experienced divers are well equipped to provide the same services as the global operators, including the use of flexible underwater docks for shaft seal repairs and underwater welding - without the expense of flying a C-130 transport to the job site.

Excerpted from DOCKWALK August, 2010.

Commercial Diver Services is standing by to render any and all assistance needed world wide. CONTACT US today for consultation and quick action for professional results.


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